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Crafted by Nature

Gold for Life jewellery is handmade from natural materials sourced locally in Western Australia.

We’re passionate about preserving the natural structures of gold as much as possible to create unique, one of a kind pieces, which are in high-demand around the world.

Whether you wear our collections as bold statement pieces or soft accessories, there’s a piece to complement your outfit, your style, and your personality.


    The Creative Process


    Raw 24K nuggets are sourced from Ora Banda, a tiny town 66km north-east of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.


    A paste of gold and flux is heated into a solder ball, which is melted to the attachment. We then heat the gold nugget and fuse the two pieces together. The heat is removed and the piece placed into a hot pickle to descale.


    The jewellery is finished with a high-quality silver polish and ultrasonic bath, with no coating from other metals. The nugget retains its unearthed form — we don’t shape or retexture it.